The Marine Corps is looking for Russian-made helicopters so it can train with ‘a realistic … opposing force’

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US Marine Corps/SSgt. Artur Shvartsberg   A report in the Marine Corps Times from Friday, April 27 by journalist Kyle Rempfer revealed that the US Marine Corps Air Ground Task Force Training Command has filed a solicitation for contractors to provide Russian-built Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter or an Mi-17 Hip transport helicopter to serve as […]

Wounded Warrior

Psychologist who treated veterans with PTSD is charged with raping female service members while they were in therapy

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US Marine Corps/Sgt. Jennifer Jones   A clinical psychologist who treated military veterans with post-traumatic stress has been charged with raping female service members who were in therapy as victims of sexual assaults. Authorities said he targeted female service members in 2014 and 2015 while working at Travis Air Force Base in California. One of […]