The Marine Corps is looking for Russian-made helicopters so it can train with ‘a realistic … opposing force’

Mi-24 Hind attack helicopterUS Marine Corps/SSgt. Artur Shvartsberg


A report in the Marine Corps Times from Friday, April 27 by journalist Kyle Rempfer revealed that the US Marine Corps Air Ground Task Force Training Command has filed a solicitation for contractors to provide Russian-built Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter or an Mi-17 Hip transport helicopter to serve as accurate opposing forces threat simulation aircraft.

The aircraft would be equipped with electronic tracking pods for integration into simulated combat exercises at the MCAS Yuma Range and Training Area (RTA), a large training facility in the Arizona desert. The Yuma Range and Training Area accurately replicates current and potential threat environments throughout the Middle East and North Africa.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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